Ford will donate $250,000 to the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering to establish the Detroit Area Bridge Scholars Program. This program intensifies ongoing efforts to reach underrepresented students to prepare them for academic and professional STEM careers.

Underrepresented students often have to overcome three obstacles to earn a STEM degree: the high cost of school tuition, inadequate preparation for university-level courses, and limited guidance on applying academic skills to real life.

Ford’s new donation will allow NACME to address these issues. It will also enable the University of Michigan to partner with NACME to create a digital boot camp/mentoring program that will offer high school students scholarships, education courses, and mentorship opportunities. The program will engage 60 students in Southeast Michigan before they reach 11th grade. It will also support their education throughout their first year of college, providing opportunity for internships at Ford. It also plans to offer new programming, including webinars and workshops, to a broader audience.

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