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How To Charge Your Mustang Mach-E With Ford’s Connected Charge Station

admin | January, 10 2022


The flexible and user-friendly design features a lightweight cord of 20 feet, an ergonomic handle, weatherproof materials, and a dedicated dock that allows you to store your cable. With up to 240 volts/48 amps of charging power, the Ford Connected Charge Station is capable of charging your Mach-E from 0-100% in 10.9 hours, or 28 miles of range per hour. Ford Electric Vehicle customers can purchase the Ford Connected Charge Station at your local Ford Dealer by financing it through their purchase or ordering it via

The mobile FordPass app keeps you up-to-date with your energy usage, gives you direct insight into your charging history, and allows you to lock and unlock your charge station remotely. FordPass is easily accessible through your mobile device, Alexa, or google home. 

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How Fast Does the Mustang Mach-E Charge?

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